Writing Tip #8

“Carve out your writing time.”

— Michael Weaver —

Your writing time is your time for you to explore, contemplate, and create something that speaks to your heart. With that said, most of us find it challenging (or nearly impossible) to set aside some type of time for ourselves — and writing is no exception.

If you truly wish to write, then it helps to set aside some time (seven minutes) everyday to write. However, if this time is not scheduled then this commitment to yourself can easily fall by the wayside.

Almost nine years ago I made the commitment to write everyday for at least fifteen to twenty minutes a day. I took this commitment very very seriously, so much so that I made myself get up a half hour earlier so that I could get my writing in before any other distractions hit.

In retrospect, I was successful in my goal (overall), not just because I set aside the fifteen minutes, but also because I decided to write at the same time every day. At this point in my life I was no longer willing to leave anything to chance with my writing, so I made sure that I did it first thing in the morning, every morning.

This set up a rhythm that I could build off of, and yes, although getting up earlier to write was difficult at first, the more I did it, the more I found myself looking forward to the writing and enjoying it — even though I didn't consider myself a morning person.

This isn't to say that you have to write first thing in the morning. Any time of day will do. However, by carving out some morning time to practice your writing (or anything else) you end up having accomplished something before the day has technically even started — making for a very powerful practice indeed.