Writing Tip #2

“Write something that may change your life.”
— John Truby, The Anatomy of Story, p.19 —

After publishing my first book I have gradually noticed more and more people asking me questions about writing. John Truby's book, The Anatomy of Story, was absolutely essential in my writing journey as it provided a coherent framework that allowed my story to unfold in an organic manner.

Perhaps one of the most important statements that Truby makes is to "write something that may change your life". So many of us have gotten into the habit of "looking outward" for answers instead of deep inside our hearts — one of the main reasons why Truby's advice is so pertinent if you wish to write something with impact.

A whole new range of questions (and their subsequent answers) will naturally arise if you focus your attention inward. Perhaps just as importantly, you will gain deeper insights into yourself: your values, motivations, interests, poignant memories, what you love, and yes even things that you may hate or despise.

This information serves as the fuel for the creative process of writing, helping ensure that whatever story you are scripting (book, poetry, even marketing copy) is written from your unique perspective instead of being a "carbon copy"  or "cookie cutter" version of other people's work.

Few people realize that good writing, like any other form of communication, requires us to delve deep inside ourselves. These "deep digs" allow us to uncover facets of ourselves that we may never have known existed otherwise.

By looking inwards and sharing what is important to us, we will inevitably grow, changing our own lives along with others and the world around us.