Is everything mechanical?

One of the most prominent modern myths is that we live in a mechanical universe. Which is a very odd myth to live by since neither plants, animals, and humans can completely be understood by modeling them as machines.

Admittedly, science has come a long way in using this "mechanical model" to aid us in healthcare. Over the course of the past several decades we have become more and more adept at putting ourselves "back together" when an injury occurs. Even joint replacement techniques for hips and knees have become commonplace in our modern era.

While there are many benefits to this mechanical model, I believe that there are subtle issues that we all need to be aware of — lest we start treating ourselves and others as replaceable machines.

Author Peter Senge speaks to this issue in terms of education. According to Senge, by "standardizing" education and educational methods, we run the risk of "mechanizing" our population. From Senge's perspective, the industrial revolution, and even the information age can be viewed as an approach that is leading us towards a more mechanistic view of humanity - one where people are viewed more as interchangeable units than individuals.

What are your thoughts on this?

Do you find yourself treating others, or even yourself in a more and more mechanical manner?