The Magic of Movement

It's difficult to believe that I've been teaching movement for more than 28 years. Throughout this time period I have instructed undergrad classes in martial arts, self-defense, stress-management, and yin-yoga. I even did a stint as a Volunteer Assistant Coach for Penn State Women's Gymnastics and another as Coaching Assistant for the Strength & Conditioning department at Penn State.

Ever since I was little, movement has always fascinated me, not only due to what the human body can do but also the effects of movement on the mind. Whether or not we acknowledge it, each and every one of us is an embodied creature — a person with a body. As a storyteller with a penchant for movement, one thing that I've learned is that the body doesn't lie.

We can fib to our friends, and tell tales to "protect" our family members, but our bodies will never (never ever never) lie to us — and deep down we know it. Stressful events stay stored in our tissues, which can eventually lead to pain and even degradation of the affected tissues. So what can we do?

To me, this is where the magic of movement comes into play. The more we move, the more we open up tissues that have either tightened or become weak over time. One of the things I love about yoga is that even a single class a week can make a huge difference in my mentality and mindset.

And this is one of the aspects of movement that often gets lost in statistics — movement affects our mindset. I've noticed that if I don't get my morning walk in, my writing invariably suffers. Movement helps me ease into the day and achieve better results (important to note for my friends in the Northeast), while keeping me fit and fresh.

Take some time away from technology and spend some time outside moving that body of yours around. Who knows? You might even come to enjoy releasing those pent up tensions and emotions…

Please share your experiences with movement and mindset below!