The Hermetic Worldview

All worlds operate according to their own set of rules. Below is a preliminary list of rules for the world inside the immediate influence of the TAVERN:

Everything is connected.

Perception is the source of everything.

Movement is inherent to the way we perceive the world.

The physical universe arises out of an undifferentiated pool of everything.

The physical universe is in a constant state of creation.

Time is cyclical.

All aspects of the physical universe are mutually dependent upon one another.

Feelings are the one truly objective thing.

Even though feelings matter, happiness is transitory - fulfillment and understanding isn’t.

RULE #10
Mathematical laws can provide models to help understand our experiential world.

RULE #11
Measurement brings things into existence.

RULE #12
God exists both as and throughout all of totality.

RULE #13
Everything measurable can be divided into parts and unities.

RULE #14
The entire Universe is conscious and alive.

RULE #15
Life is inherent to the structure of the world.

RULE #16
What we refer to as the physical world is co-created and brought into existence through perception.

RULE #17
Humanity and Nature are intimately intertwined.

RULE #18
When we harm Nature, we harm ourselves as well as others.

RULE #19
Technology is a tool that can help increase our understanding.

RULE #20
Time moves in cycles.

RULE #21
Parapsychological events such as ESP, OBE’s, etc. provide evidence of a world where everything is inherently (and intimately) connected.