The Dot

“Let's get one thing straight right off the bat — I'm not a point.”

— The Dot —

I am a dot, and let’s get one thing straight, right off the bat — I'm not a point. However, if you insist on calling me a point I can’t say that I really care, after all that is your problem if you don’t understand the difference between a point and a dot. Goodness knows that you wouldn’t be the first, and you definitely won’t be the last. Have fun with that, see how far your ignorance will get you and what erroneous conclusions you come to. I seriously doubt that you will come up with anything new, at this point I can’t help but to think that I’ve seen it all.

I pay attention, believe me I do. I even know how those points feel about us dots, the ones who work so hard to highlight and call attention to them. This is one of the reasons why I don’t feel bad if you confuse the two of us, after all, from most people’s perspectives, there are no qualitative differences between points and dots. However, as a dot I am only too keenly aware of the differences between dots and points. First and foremost dots actually exist in a very real, physical sense, whereas points most certainly do not.

We dots are fantastic artists as well, able to convey almost any scene imaginable simply by varying our size, color, and proximity towards one anoth- er. I’m describing one of the highest forms of art known to humanity - elegantly simple in its style, while being boundlessly complex in terms of its execution. Never mind that this form of art is called “pointillism” during my time, which is a complete misnomer.

It should be called “dotillism” or “dotilics”, after all, if anyone was ever crazy enough to create any form of art using points there would be no art to see - just a blank page or canvas. As the point I am associated with remarked earlier, points are completely non-dimensional in nature - having no inherent color, shape, or form to speak of. However this doesn’t prevent points from attempting to be seen. Like those two points known as “the twins”, always hanging out with that line. I honestly don’t know how he takes it. I already have one dot to contend with, and I can barely handle that. However two dots! I can’t even imagine! I’m so glad that I’m a dot and not a line!