Is Suspending Judgment Spiritual Bypassing?

The question of whether Suspending Judgment is a veiled form of spiritual bypassing is what initially drove me to delve into this topic. Like so many other topics in the spiritual arena, the practice of Suspending Judgment followed the cycle of being an interesting topic, to something that was in vogue for a while, and - at least as of late - fell at least somewhat out of favor.

Like any other tool or strategy, Suspending Judgment can bring certain benefits, however, these benefits (or detriments) depend upon how an individual chooses to wield this potent tool. My perspective is that Suspending Judgment can serve as a useful way to practice seeing things as they are and not how I might wish or want them to be.

Now, some of you reading this might reflexively think, "well, certain things are good and certain things are bad, why should I withhold those types of judgments?" I would say that oftentimes those categories of "good" and "bad" don't nearly go deep enough — and often lead to a more subtle type of bypass.

For many people, although arguably not all, ideas of what is "good" and what is "bad" are largely determined by their own personal preferences. Things that are "good" benefit them, whereas things that are "bad" are perceived to work to their detriment. In other words, individual's relationship to "good" and "bad" is highly relative and subjective - often blinding them to other aspects or effects of certain situations.

To go another level deeper, notions of "goodness" and "badness" are often tied to individual moods. So, when someone says that something is "good" they might actually mean that they "feel good" when that happens. Similarly, tagging something as "bad" can be an indicator that the person "feels bad". However, if a person reflexively objectively tags an event or happening as objectively "good" or "bad" this emotional component is often erased and objectified - leading to a type of emotional bypass.

In this way, Suspending Judgment can help avoid a different type of bypassing altogether - the bypass of emotions.