Storytelling w/ Significance

Tomorrow marks two weeks since I began blogging again — this time in the form of the online journal that you are now reading. My goals in this endeavor were twofold:

1. To embark upon a consistent posting practice for marketing and communication.

2. To find out what would happen if I "themed" my content according to different days of the week.

After two weeks, I feel that I have begun to develop a consistent practice of posting. Checkbox Goal #1. Everything wasn't as straightforward as it might seem, however, since Goal #2 has proved much more interesting and elusive than I would have anticipated.

As fun as the different themes are, things started feeling somewhat disjointed between the posts. I realized mid-week that if I was starting to feel a little uncentered, then my readership would soon follow in my footsteps. In other words, it was time for me to edit — not necessarily my writing (since my journal is somewhat of a free-flow) but the focus of my thought-stream.

I came to the conclusion (once again) that everything I do still revolves around story. But in what way? I ended up journaling and doing another "deep dig" to refine my feelings based upon my recent experiences and the entries that I had been writing. While "integrating ancient wisdom" is important to me, I discovered a much deeper motivation underneath.

I began with the simple question of why. Why ancient wisdom? Because I believe that it is significant. I came up with the same answer for teaching movement, guest-lecturing, and a myriad of other experiences that I have attempted to share. If there is one consistent theme throughout, it's that I have always sought to live a life of significance.

I also believe that a large part of our lives is influenced (if not created) by the stories we tell ourselves and inevitably employ when interacting with others, and even our environment. While many people say that individuals are overloaded with information, I am more inclined to believe that represents only one part of the issue.

For we have become bombarded by stories.

Some of these stories are internal interpretations of the events we experience. Many other stories come from external sources, which we then spin and wrap even more stories around. Throughout this journal, my writings, and this website, I hope to provide you with tools to navigate our world of stories. Whether you choose to consume or create, understanding how to uncover "stories with significance" will remain a constant theme throughout a world that is very much in flux.

My hope is that you will both uncover and participate in "storytelling with significance" paving a pathway to prosperity for everyone with whom you come in contact.