Will You Begin at the Beginning?

I have always appreciated Steve Jobs' statement "I'm not afraid to start at the beginning". This simple little quote says so much about learning, being open, and appreciating life as it happens to show up.

When you choose to "start at the beginning" you open yourself up to learning and embracing life as it truly is, instead of how you might think it "should be". Whether working on a project, learning something new, communicating, or being present in a relationship, starting at the beginning (instead of in your thoughts) opens you up to greater opportunities for intimacy and relation.

This same principle applies to teaching and writing (which can be viewed as a form of teaching) as well. While some people might like to skip to the end of a book, all stories have a beginning, middle, and end. This provides us with a natural progression for exploring new things and learning about new subjects, as well as developing new relationships.

When you choose to start at the beginning, you open yourself up to life as it is - instead of how you think it "should be". You can even apply this same principle to yourself. Rather than telling yourself that you "should" be a certain way, what happens when you simply accept yourself as you show up similar to the way you might show up for a loved one?

From my experience, intimacy with others begins when we become more intimate with ourselves - not as we "think" we "should be", but rather radically accepting ourselves as we currently exist.

Do you feel more present when you start at the beginning?