Podcast Announcement

After a long hiatus, I have decided to write a blog once more — this time in tandem with a podcast. Each of these formats have their own advantages and disadvantages. The written form allows readers to take a brief respite from the minutia of daily living, while the audio version enables listeners to immerse themselves in new ideas while actively participating in life.

Although I have written for many years, I am excited to finally offer the audio format of the podcast which serves as the modern analog of the radio in yesteryears. My hope is that the podcast, coupled with the blog, will provide individuals with a valuable tool to help them expand their perspectives — introducing them to ideas that might otherwise have gone unnoticed or remained hidden in plain sight.

The seed of each episode often takes its form from a simple quote. I have carefully culled many of these statements from the books and articles while researching my other projects. Each quote that I select represents a unique perspective on life, having frequently challenged my assumptions in a particular milieu or discipline. Those of you who enjoy mental gymnastics as much as I do are likely to find these perspectives just as interesting as I have, while others will undoubtably find this approach both tedious and challenging.

With that said, I still plan to cover a variety of topics, suitable to a wide-range of tastes. Areas of interest include, but in no way limited to: the history of science, creativity, writing, symbolism, myth, the TAROT, and even Alchemy with its peculiar relationship to spiritual growth and enlightenment. As diverse as each of these topics are, they all share a common thread — as each one provides a unique perspectives on Reality and the way we move through life.

Feel free to contact me with any questions that you might have, along with any insights or even topics for new podcasts or blog postings. The most interesting creative endeavors frequently spring forth from a simple idea. Over time, however, this tiny concept invariably grows — thereby taking shape in novel and unexpected ways.

I look forward to exploring this amazing world through a handful of novel ideas as we embark upon this journey together. With each episode I hope to delve further and further into the mysterious landscape of life where every day flows forward from the Unknown.