What is my focus?

This is the question that sent me off on a deep dig for several days. Something surrounding the "feel" of my current positioning statement "exploring the impact of storytelling" just didn't feel right. It felt weak, even worse, it felt "safe" and somewhat sterile.

More than anything it failed to communicate the passion that I felt towards storytelling and the topics that I like to delve into. So I did what I've done for many of my past clients — I decided to do a "deep dig".

Deep digs are challenging for me because they require me to get out of my head. Rather than writing down what I "thought" I should focus on or be about, I began sketching and scribbling out ideas using free association.

Intellectually, such an approach might seem like branding suicide, however, time and experience has taught me that there are always connections and that the "good stuff" often requires some deep digging. Like mining for gemstones or gold the rich stuff is always carefully protected and hidden underground.

I knew that I had a deep passion for both storytelling and education, yet somehow I just couldn't get those two topics to connect. Rolling in movement, Eastern and Western mysticism, along with communication and enlightenment only seemed to make the mess that much bigger.

And yet, I knew that I couldn't leave anything out, since somehow, somewhere in the deepest recesses of my mind these concepts were all connected. But how?

The trick to problem-solving is not to focus on actively "solving a problem", but rather exploring the situation at hand to understand it. The concept of empowerment kept popping up, and at first (i.e. for several days) I attempted to massage it and morph it into something else.

After some time, and an in-depth conversation with a friend who has a special knack for popping into my life at just the right time, I was able to embrace the idea of empowerment and understand how it encompassed everything else within the context of storytelling.

Everything was there: storytelling, myth, magic, science, communication, relationships, learning, and education - all under the context of empowerment.

For the foreseeable future, all of my posts will focus on a central theme:

Empowerment through Storytelling!