Branding Updates

The past several weeks have been pretty bumpy. I usually like to do a "deep dig" several weeks before my birthday and with so much focus on finishing The Spring of the Leaf, I found it incredibly difficult to sit down and reflect on things.

Perhaps it was because I was more focused on my writing adventures over the past ten years, than my growth as a writer over the past 12 months. Or perhaps it just wasn't the right time. Either way, I did what I do best and "got productive" — this time with marketing.

Over the past several weeks I've gradually redone my website. Yes, the navigation is still a bit clunky, but the content is finally there. More or less. At least enough for people to browse around and see what I've been up to in terms of my writing and research.

If you're an active writer or other type of creative, I highly encourage you to take some time out from "creating" and reacquaint yourself with everything you've already done. Well, perhaps not everything, but definitely more than a smattering of what you've done. You might just see things in a different light — things that may be obvious to everyone except for yourself.

As I was aggregating information for my website, I was amazed by everything that I had created over the course of the past year. I even published a book if I wanted to venture back a little further. Doing a "deep dive" and seeing everything in this way, however, brought some new insights to bear.

Although I didn't realize it at the time, I was doing my "deep dig", albeit in a strikingly different way than what I had previously become accustomed to. Art always represents a true expression of one's self, serving as a "snapshot in time". By viewing my projects together as a whole, instead of isolation from one another, I (slowly) began to realize that they all orbited around a common theme:

Integrating ancient wisdom…

You will gradually notice branding updates as I bring a deeper focus towards this theme in my writing, artwork, and of course movement! Expect more pictures of Nature and crazy activities like slacklining, paddleboarding (with martial arts again?), and acro yoga.

As it turned out, I was doing my deep dig in a different way than I had ever thought to attempt. If you're a creative, step out of your intellect, pull back, and explore your creations — they just might have something important to share!

Please share your experiences with soul-searching and branding for our creative community in the discussion board below!